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Ecomax AC

EcoMaxAC is our brand of Geothermal Air Conditioning System. In the Dona Ana County area The Air Conditioning Company is the authorized air conditioning contractor (installer – HVAC permit) and Efficiency Power is the authorized Geothermal contractor.

The management teams for the companies have combined experience well over 50+ years in the air conditioning industry. They have serviced and satisfied hundreds of happy customers and we look forward to providing you with the same service and results.

To learn more about us and what we do please check out our Services page and browse around. Contact us today to set up your consultation.

How it Works

You know how a basement stays cooler all summer? An EcoMaxAC geothermal system runs refrigerant lines through the ground to use the earth’s coolness to refrigerate your home with 30% to 60% less electricity than traditional refrigerated air. Most homes have adequate space beside their home for the 25’ x 2’ trench, which is generally hand dug to minimize installation impact. The cooling is very stable with good indoor humidity control so that your home is not “over dried” in the summer. This is why geothermal refrigerated air provides the best indoor comfort, and you can control it from a smart phone if you want to.