Geothermal Air Conditioning Company

Las Cruces, Anthony, Deming, Dona Ana NM

The heat of summer is upon us and we need to make sure our homes stay cool during these hot summer days.  EcoMax AC offers a super efficient, energy saving and geothermal approach towards cooling your home.    Using a geothermal technique, EcoMax AC uses a system that uses the coolness of the ground to cool the refrigerant in your air conditioner.

EcoMax AC in Las Cruces installs the geothermal air conditioning unit on the outside of your home.  After the outside installation, a Ecobee monitoring system is installed inside of your home for controlling the temperature.  To learn more about the Ecobee system and the benefits offered visit our Ecobee Mobile page and find out how you can control the temperature of your home from your mobile phone.

EcoMax AC is a licensed contractor for Rheem Air Conditioning products and services.  We have teamed up with GoGreen Rheem to help educate and promote a eco-friendly energy efficient cooling system inside your homes.

How does geothermal conditioning work?

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